We help banks and their customers take the guess work out of picking a real estate


Properties Change
Agents Don’t

BestAgent indexes and contextualises the value an agent brings to any sale, property by property, street by street, worldwide.

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Actionable Econometrics

BestAgent quantifies a qualitative analogue process, choosing an agent.

Anayltical Agent

Optimal agent selection via hedonic and quantitative dynamic tools. Analytics based on:

  • Peer to peer agent indexing.
  • Agent versus market analysis.
  • Full agent transaction history in first column.
Geospatial & Geospecific Recognition
  • Contextualised results with predictive and prescriptive attributes.
  • Improved forecasting.
  • Numerous API Data sets used for reliabilty and accuracy.
  • Region, suburb, street or property breakdown.
Intuitive User Interface
  • User friendly, graphical interface.
  • Training sessions and easy onboarding process with instructional video sessions & IT support.

Who We Serve

Reserve Banks
  • Innovation Hubs & Labs

    BestAgent lessens loss given default by quantifying a qualitative analogue process, ensuring more for those with less facing residential foreclosure.

    Hosting our BestAgent platform, to allow access for the testing and auditing of your retail banks legacy processes, procedures and outcomes around residential real estate foreclosures.

Retail Banks
  • Preventative Default Loss Mitigation

    Stay ahead of foreclosures with easy to initiate, data driven discussions to collaborate with mortgagor on who to sell with to optimise price and timing.

  • Collections & Recovery

    Lessen loss given default during liquidation. Eliminate liquidator selection bias. Shortened processing timelines.

  • CRE35 Basel III & Basel IV compliance

    Increase your banks minimum regulatory capital reserves by lessening unexpected loss given default during residential real estate negating capital reallocation.

  • API Commercialisation

    API data feeds are a substantial capital expense. There is an opportunity to commercialise the feeds utilising the BestAgent platform , to provide superior analytical insights into local housing markets as a performance benefit to staff and a value add to clients.

Real Estate Investment Trusts
  • Asset Management Tool

    Quantitatively optimising purchase and sale cycles by indexing market participants econometrics who transact above and below their markets average sale results based on a property’s geospecific, hedonic and chronological attributes.

Residential Mortgage Back Security Issuers
  • Asset Management Tool

    Quantitatively ensuring the value of the underlaying securitised asset during a mortgage default event by indexing liquidators econometrics based on a property’s geospecific, hedonic and chronological attributes before reintroducing the asset into the rim/tranches without loss of value.

Enabling ESG best practices & collaborations

Stay ahead of residential real estate foreclosure with easy to initiate, data driven discussions for those customers who need it the most.


To ensure more for those with less, facing foreclosure.




Ecological Commitment

Redefining banking capital efficiency globally…

A review of our social responsibility charter.


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