Meet the team

Fran and James


Growing up, if you’re lucky, everyone thinks their parents are the ultimate ‘power couple.’ As you get older you realise, Lucy & Desi, were the originals. Then along came Sonny & Cher. And more recently; Spiegel & Kerr. Williams & Ohanian. Beyonce & Jay-Z. Hanks & Wilson…with the ultimate inspirational, dynamic duo: Michelle & Barack.

When you work closely, alongside your other half, your ‘better half’; it doesn’t matter if it’s a start up or the local milk bar, a restaurant, the music or film industry, politics, farm or a butcher shop…you better get along and do your very best to help your spouse become the best version of themselves.

Since they first started working together in 2006, Francesca & James have come to appreciate how their unique and evolving, individual skill sets have come to complement one another, in all the businesses they’ve contributed to, worked in and started together as well as the family that they’re raising.

Quant Property Solutions is their second business adventure that they’ve embarked on together, having most recently sold up their local real estate agency and retired their moniker ‘Spouses Selling Houses’ after a dozen years and +$600,000,000 in transactions later.

When not on the phones, in the office or at the gym/pool, Fran & Jim are the proud parents to Mackie (15) & Jack (14).

Most recently, in October 2021, James has had a paper published and presented, as the only industry selected participant, at the Bank of International Settlement, Irving Fisher Committee/Bank of Italy workshop on Data Science in Central Banking as part of the G20/B20 in Rome.

You can view his presentation here.

If you’d like to download a copy of his paper; The impairment costs of traditional non-quantitative retail banking practices during residential real estate foreclosure sales and their effect on National, Central & Reserve bank(s) policy with focus on improved supervised machine learning applications in micro-prudential processes within the
product life cycle of residential mortgages, please head to
Login: IFCMTG02
Password: DataScienceOct21
Under Irving Fisher Committee select IFC Meetings the select IFC Workshop on Data Science in Central Banking 2022 10 19-22
Select Topic: Session 3.2 Financial stability analysis using ML and or Big Data for a PDF of S3.2_Paper AU (Nicol_Blonkowski)

Not to be outshone, in August, Fran completed the HBS CORe, a 150 hour certificate program on the fundamentals of business from Harvard Business School. CORe is comprised of three courses - Business Analytics, Economics for Managers and Financial Accounting - developed by leading Harvard Business School faculty and delivered in an active learning environment based on the HBS signature case-based learning model.


Chief Data Scientist at Quant Property Solutions

As the Chief Data Scientist at Quant Property Solutions, with a Masters of Computer Applications (M.C.A.),Mathematics, Statistics & Machine Learning from Télécom SudParis, Manu embraces the opportunity to contribute on exciting impactful projects such as working with small scale Niarobi farmers and using sensor data to improve their credit scoring in Kenya; to developing first in kind modelling of energy data forecasting to optimise air-conditioning systems throughout all of South East Asia.

Listed as one of the top rated Data Scientists on the platform ‘UpWork’ as well as GitHub and GitLab, and enjoying the benefits of youth and mobility, for the past year, Manu can be found working diligently, tapping away on his laptop, on numerous QPS data science related challenges from most any beach or mountain in France, Spain or Portugal.